My Speed Math Tutor

Trivas Education Pvt. Ltd.'s My Speed Math Tutor is based on fundamental Hindu system that uses simple methods and principles, popularly known as Vedic Mathematics. The methods enable a learner to perform fast, easy and accurate calculations. Our product, Speed Math Tutor, comes as CD and work book. The work book is for practicing the concepts learnt from the CD. We are in constant communication and are very committed to providing your child with the best possible Trivas Speed Math experience.

Why Trivas Education's My Speed Math Tutor:

  1. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to learn Math easily, while others struggle? Is the difference found in their education, intelligence, skills, timing, hard work, learning habits, luck, or teachers?
  2. The shocking answer is: None of the above!
  3. The difference between those who are good in Math and those who aren't is determined by the methods they adopt for faster calculations. These methods improve their mental alertness and computational accuracy.
  4. Trivas Education's My Speed Math Tutor teaches Vedic Mathematics. This is based on methods developed by an incredible man Sri Bharathi Krishna Tirtha who translated ancient knowledge of India from Sanskrit to English. These methods can change our way of thinking about computations and that dramatically improves our computational skills. These life-changing computational methods are very easy to learn and are offered through My Speed Math Tutor using Vedic Mathematics in an interesting and interactive method.
  5. Various Speed Math products include My123, My Speed Math for Tyros, My Speed Math Wizard, My Speed Math Genius and, Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables. Every product is unique and is completely based on age groups. Every activity can be learnt with a pace of individual's capability.

Key Features:

  • Content is categorized as Beginner, Learner and Expert levels
  • The approach of all the teachings is Vedic Mathematics
  • Concepts are taught in colorful graphics and interactive method
  • Every activity is fun while learning
  • The activities in the product enable your child's Logical ability, Visualization, Concentration, and Mental Alertness
  • The games are fun and, improve and sharpen memory

My 123

Trivas Education's My Speed Math - My123 is a wonderful product for your child to start learning numbers if your child belongs to age group of 3 - 5. The software teaches numbers in many playful and interactive methods. Every activity is designed with colorful graphics and your child can have fun while learning. The approach of the teachings is Vedic Mathematics. Children with slow learning abilities can also make fast math after using this product. The software is self paced. While learning the subject from the product, your child can master various soft skills that improve memory, visualization, concentration, logical ability, mental alertness and understanding levels. The content categorizes activities based on levels as Beginner, Learner, and Expert. You can select any level and start learning numbers in various interactive methods. By the end of using this product, your child can count number of objects in a pattern through visualization, without using fingers, and tell number names. You would be happy to see your child standing in foremost position in studies in the school.

Key Features:

  • Categorizes the content according to levels: Beginner, Learner, and Expert.
  • The pace of learning the concepts can be according to one's individual capability
  • The activities can be repeated any number of times to re-learn the concept
  • Master the numbers with number names
  • Every concept has a strong reason behind it
  • The activities include games which are fun and at the same time sharpen memory and improve mental alertness
  • The understanding levels are improved to a great extent

We have taken lot of efforts to bring you this wonderful opportunity to help your child sharpen skills and we are happy to see lot of positive reviews from the parents who are using this product.

Mastering 99 Multiplication Tables

Mastering 99 Tables in 4 hours is an extremely fabulous product developed by Trivas Education Pvt. Ltd. for anyone who wants to make multiplications within seconds in their head without any calculator, pen or paper. The duration of the tutorial is just 4 hours!!!

The software training program is completely based on Vedic Mathematics, an ancient teaching methods that follow simple and easy techniques. Every activity in the tutorial explains various methods in graphics so that anybody can understand, without the need of anyone to sit beside to explain. The tutorial involves teachings based on e-learning environment, e-class room environment, and enables the learner to learn the methods by various practicing activities. The teaching methods not only improve calculation speed and accuracy, but also develop concentration, focus, mental alertness, confidence, logical ability, visualization, memory, understanding levels and bring a bright sharp mind out of you. By the end of this tutorial, you can be ready for exams with full of confidence in Mathematics. All you need is to know how to add a single digit number to a two digit number and 9 Multiplication Tables thoroughly.

Key Features:

  • Categorizes the content in a flow by first teaching addition techniques and then multiplication techniques
  • Self-paced software training program along with work book to practice the methods
  • The activities can be repeated any number of times to re-learn the concept
  • Every time you practice, you encounter a new example
  • Various practicing methods to get perfect with the concepts
  • The activities include games which are fun and at the same time sharpen memory and improve mental alertness
  • The understanding levels of the learner are improved to a great extent